We offer 4 levels of membership to accommodate your level of interest in and commitment to the arts in the Upstate.

Artist – for the artist who wants their name to “get out there” so people will know your specialty and how to get in touch with you.  If you’re a musician, area businesses who want to hire musical entertainment will see your listing and you can even leave a short audio of your work!  If you sculpt, paint, photograph or create tie-dyed quilts, you can let interested folks start a conversation with you.  In addition, you will be included in all artists’ calls for work that we publish and you will receive our monthly newsletter, as well as being eligible for discounts provided to our members.

Business – many businesses benefit from the arts, whether it is from new musicians being drawn to your venue or increased traffic due to visitors enjoying the public art in your city.  You would have access to our database of artists, as a business member.  In addition to knowing you’ll be supporting area arts, the Business membership level provides you with our monthly newsletter, a mention on our website, and use of our ASCAP license for musicians hired to enhance your customers’ experience.

Patron – thank goodness for patrons!  You are the ones who love art and will go wherever you can to find exciting new experiences in music, theater, dance, fine art and other creative experiences.  This level not only provides you with access to our artist database and our monthly newsletter, but you will be invited to “patron-only” special events, such as our annual gala and back stage tours.  We know you want to meet the artists and will provide ample opportunity for you to attend receptions and other special events with the artists we feature.

Business Affiliate – this is the perfect level for the business that is committed to the community and is willing to support arts events with a greater annual gift.  You will be featured on our website, as well as our social media.  You will be invited to our annual gala event and each of your employees will also have access to artist level membership perks, which include discounts to area businesses, our monthly newsletter and access to our database.

Maybe Access Carolina could be interviewing you next!

Your annual membership helps support our programs aimed at promoting the Arts in the Upstate through events and public efforts which reinforce our sense of Travelers Rest as the best hometown and cradle of a dynamic arts community.

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