Rebecca Cook



I began expressing myself in art when I became ill with a chronic illness that has limited other areas of my life but opened my eyes to the joy of seeing God’s hand in so many details of the surrounding world.

Functioning physically at a higher level now, I have widened my expression to include other forms of art media and I love to explore the results. Seeing the beauty and humor in so many things and letting color be the overarching connection makes art a satisfying and joyful opportunity to share with others.

It is impossible for me to express my love of color in only one form, so I create with photography, encaustic, painting, or assemblage. I love to see the unexpected in what I photograph, capturing the inner voice of the subject and giving it to the viewer. Assemblage allows the mundane and useless to become part of a new image to delight or evoke memories. Painting becomes a way of expressing emotion and encaustic is another exploration of the

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